Rocca d'Orcia the blooming of traditions

Rocca d’Orcia, is an ancient suburb in the heart of Tuscany. Rocca d’Orcia has been considered the small ‘capital city’ of the Orcia Valley for about two centuries. This city was primarily used as the centre of strategic control on the Via Francigena, the famous medieval road that connected Rome to northern Italy and France.

It is here that Pasquale Forte will attempt to achieve his goal: he wishes to give new life to this unique place whose old charm inspires anyone who visits.
The Rocca d’Orcia project’s philosophy is based on a very precise perspective: rejuvenate areas that are linked to local traditions and convey the magnificence of ancient history.

Perillà Osteria is a place where you can taste both traditional and innovative flavours; the secrets of tradition are reimagined by Enrico Bartolini, the Michelin-starred chef of Devero Restaurant in Cavenago (MB). His involvement provides new sensory experiences and allows us to enter an old yet new taste of Tuscany.
Every day the Osteria offers different specialities prepared with products coming from organic agriculture, primarily Podere Forte as well as well-selected local suppliers. These business partners use only the best natural resources from the current season, all the while maintaining eco-sustainability and environmental protection in the region.

The Perinquà Wine Shop offers a wide set of carefully selected wines. They also provide several products like: the spices from Siloe Monastery, the chocolates from Domori, the salt from Trapani salt mines, the Piènnolo tomato sauces, the unbeatable Cinta Senese cold cuts from and biodynamic olive oil from Podere Forte and other inimitable items.

The RIAMA’ Emporium allows clientele to try different products that Tuscany has to offer in the art of enjoying wine. It offers many interesting handmade products for your home, both traditional and modern, such as the hand-tied fabrics from Stamperia Bertozzi in Gambettola (FC), perfumes created by Lorenzo Villoresi, and natural products for body and atmospheric care.

SPAZIO SE is a space that is open to hosting famous international artists operating across diverse art forms. The season was opened by the Tuscan photographer Francesco Radino whose pictures demonstrate remarkable sensitivity through the medium of photography. Radino is considered one of the most influential Italian figures in the field of contemporary photography. His works are in public and private collections worldwide; he has displayed his pieces in Italian exhibits as well as in Europe, Japan, and the United States of America.